Well this is my final post for my course work for Coetail@YIS. It has been such a great time of learning for me. I have grown so much in my knowledge about technology in education. I was starting to get depressed thinking about how I could keep my head in the game on always learning when a colleague introduced me to Edudemic.com. After going to that site, I realized that I could easily keep learning by downloading their app on my iPad and then subscribe to the Edudemic Magazine for even more articles than what is on the web which downloads directly to the Newsstand on my ipad. A great wealth of information about technology in education. I highly recommend it to those of you who are finishing Coetail with me and what to keep abreast of new technologies.

When I was at Edudemic.com, I found an article on “100 Best Learning Tools of 2012” in which Edmodo was ranked 22 on the list. I wasn’t surprised that it was high on the list. I started using Edmodo in my two high school classes this year for the first time and I have had a lot of success with it in my yearbook journalism class.

At the beginning of the school year, only few students had signed up for the 5th period yearbook. So to make it possible to create a yearbook this year, the registar let me drop my video production’s class sixth period and added another class session for yearbook. The issue then became, how can two separate class periods work together collaboratively on one yearbook? The issue was also that I had only one experienced returning student and nine new students who needed to be trained in using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. I usually have about half the class new and half the class with some experience, so the students so I usually pair up students together to help support the newbies with experienced staff members. But with nine out of 10 members being newbies, this really meant it was going to be a slow start in creating the yearbook after training occurred. Problems always come in threes right? Well, our tech guys decided we needed a bigger server and they wanted to move my yearbook files and my digital photography class files to a new volume. However, it has taken them two months to finally do it and I still don’t have digital photography online yet to put photos on. That means even though my staff can start designing layouts, they don’t have access to any of the digital photography students’ photos. I can’t help that problem but the other two problems I tried to solve by using Edmodo and Lynda.com.

I introduced my yearbook students to Edmodo.com so that they could share ideas and visual images with each other using an online social media learning system. It has become a resource bank of ideas for both of the classes to go to for getting them started designing. It has also been a place that I could post assignments, messages, links, and documents that I wanted to share into a digital library right into the Edmodo environment.

I decided to use an iMovie movie trailer to make a commercial about how my yearbook students used Edmodo in my classroom this fall as a part of my presentation of my final project that I will be giving on December 1 at Yokohama International School.

I also signed up my students for a one-month 5 course video tutorials using Lynda.com which allows educators to sign up students for a defined amount of time with limited access to up to 5 courses of the teacher’s choice for only $10 per student per month. This educational option of Lynda.com is called LyndaClassroom. This is what one of my student’s said about LyndaClassroom.

The LyndaClassroom tutorial has helped me a lot in understanding how to use Indesign and Photoshop, and as a beginner, it is really helpful because it summarizes the uses of each software, and how to use it. It is accessible at any time, and any place, so it is much nicer than actually going to school and spending only about 1 hour a day in class. ~Raina

Here is a link to the Google Drive document for my Unit 5 Course Planner based upon Backward by Design for Edmodo and LyndaClassroom.

Course 5 Understanding by Design Unit Planner Google Doc