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After reading several articles on the idea of “branding” yourself, I realized that the emphasis is really looking for that next job. Finding your ideal job by making yourself marketable. The problem is–I already have the ideal job. I’m living it and loving it. I have been a Christian educator for over twenty years, teaching in several different Christian schools and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I graduated from a public high school, but went to several different private Christian colleges until I finished my B.S. in education. I later went back to a public university for my Master’s in Curriculum Instruction, but never really felt like I was a part of that “tribe.” No, I guess my “tribe” is the Christian educator. I enjoy working along side those who believe that spiritual growth is just as important to the overall development of the student, as learning how to read and write.

Instead of focusing on writing this blog post, I spent hours on designing what my “brand” would look like. Since I teach secondary digital media classes: digital photography, video productions, and yearbook journalism, as well as my role as the new elementary technology facilitator, I wanted to be able to incorporate all of those roles into my brand.

The photo of me with the elementary students was taken about thirteen years ago when I was a first grade teacher to the graduating class of 2010. I have been privileged to have two classes that I have taught in first grade to graduate from the same school where I still teach. From the elementary photograph, one of my students went to Harvard, and another went to University of California–Stanford. I told them that my claim to fame now is that I have two students that I taught in first grade go to Ivy League schools. I guess I didn’t mess them up too much that first year, even though I wasn’t experienced in the primary level until that year.

I also wanted to add a focus to the different types of instruction that I feel most represents my teaching. Project-based learning and differentiated instruction have been two primary instructional strategies that I implement on a regular basis. After teaching for two years in the elementary classroom, I started teaching the computer lab classes, followed by the middle school, and then the high school elective classes. I think this brand really reflects who I am as an educator in a Christian school.