Technology in Schools Faces Questions on Value – NYTimes.com.

I just read the article link above today from the New York Times, about Grading the Digital School, In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores. Basically the article brings up the fact that in one school district that has been heavily funded for new technology, showed a decline in the standardized testing scores over the last two years. As I read the article, I thought that our content must drive the technology, not the technology driving the content that we want students to learn. Technology is just the tools that we use– like a pencil, pen, or a protractor. But the technology in and of itself should not push what the students are learning. I have often wondered why are we teaching 2nd graders to do a presentation, when maybe there would be a better way for them to communicate with each other and to share their ideas. It may be true that test scores will go down at first, but if we are still teaching the content, but integrating technology with it, then in the long run it can only help students to learn and eventually the scores will show it.